How to update Escan antivirus ?

We all are trying to safe our network from malware, unwanted viruses. To protect our network we installed antivirus. But after a time limit we have to update our software for better results. Here are some easy steps to update Escan antivirus . Contact if you still need any technical help to Escan antivirus tech support.

1. For registering the new license key (Standard Key), click on Start, then on Programs > eScan for Windows > eScan Registration than Open eScan Protection Center > Product Key.

2. Now, right-click on the 30-character License key (Standard Key) displayed under the Standard Key tab.

3. Click on Register Now,click OK you will see screen as in step number three,click on the option Add Standard Key. Enter the License key (Standard Key)

4. Now, right-click on the 30-character License key displayed in the column Standard Key, select Activate Now. The Personal Information screen is displayed.Fll in all the details and click on Next to continue. The Registration Method screen is displayed. Select the Fax option in the following scree. Click on Activate, here a text file with the name FaxRegister.txt will automatically get generated.
5. The activation code for registering eScan will be displayed in the next screen as below. You will also receive an email with the license information including your activation code for your future reference.

6. Once you receive the Activation Code, click on Start, then on Programs > eScan for Windows> eScan Registration. Then, the Registration Information displayed.

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